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Vertical Prefab Prototypes. 2018

Zip Tower, Loft Tower and Fulcrum Tower are three variations of the Vertical Prefab prototypes designed by Ensamble Studio, following some of the principles tested and proven with Cyclopean House. They define flexible housing system that aims to respond to current urban, social and economical demands providing: homes that are better built and designed at a reasonable cost, that coordinate efforts to cut unnecessary and inefficient of processes, that understand the diversity of family structures today...

Instead of fixed layouts, we propose versatile and generous spaces that are easy to configure, spaces where many possible lives and activities can happen. Basic frameworks of 500, 1000 and 2000 sqft concentrate in the perimeter everything the space needs (structure, infrastructure, light and views) and liberate the interior for a free configuration by each family unit. The flexibility of the system enables different frames to combine in plan and in section, also different programs, resulting in rich offer of mix typologies that optimize construction elements.

The system is built by large lightweigh parts, easy to prefabricate in safe environments and assemble quickly, that are stabilized on site serving as formwork for concrete reinforcement. The construction strategy makes the most of industrial processes without resulting in a standardized product. At the moment a series of case studies are being developed for Boston, MA, like Boston by the Sea, a mix-income development of 3,000 homes.

01.Zip Tower

02. Fulcrum Tower

03.Loft Tower 

04.Hybrid Tower 


 Assembly week 1

 Assembly weeks 2





06.On site

pouring concrete

01.On site


Typical floor plan (80x80ft)

Core + Zip beam

Core + Loft beam

Core + Fulcrum beam

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