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Earth Constellation, Saudi Arabia. 2021

Gulf of Aqaba is a landscape paradise, a unique piece of nature. Wild. Solitary. Silent. Sublime.

This is its major and most delicate value. Earth Constellation proposes a sensible and powerful vision for the place. Like the stars in the sky, selected spots of the landscape are activated generating their own inner activity, energy and light. The interconnection and proximity of these nodes of life create a constellation that describes an electrifying journey across the land.

Earth Constellation gives structure and meaning to a multiplicity of sites and programs. Within it, assets take a balanced position and contribute with their energy to illuminate their cluster and feed the Line that connects them all.

Southern Cluster

20210604_GOA_Ensamble Studio_Souther Cluster Render 01.jpg

Life in the Southern Cluster centers around Coves and Lagoons.

These are main generators of energy that they harvest from the sun, and organizers of recreation and hospitality programs in and around them.

Like a petrified waves, its landscape lifts and drops to embrace the site’s exquisite coves and lagoons, and create new ones.

At night, this man-made landscape illuminates its lagoon pools, via solar energy harvested on site during the day..

Nature Based Exclusive Resort

20210604_GOA_Ensamble Studio_Nature Based Render 01.jpg
4_Gulf of Aqaba - Resort D (7).jpg

Life in the Nature Based Exclusive Resort runs along its Oasis, a unique space of vegetation and food culture that enlivens hospitality and retail programs.

IIn the hidden gem that is the Magna Oasis, a framework of canals, paths, bridges and canopies activate the siIte, and guide its restoration. Water cascades from the valley to the gulf connecting the oasis and its inner life with the vibrant activity along the waterfront.

The elevated structures enable visitors to experience the refreshing atmosphere of the oasis while respecting its growth, facilitating movement in a site that shelters all kinds of life forms for tourists to see and interact with up close.

Temple Staircase

20210604_GOA_Ensamble Studio_Temple Staircase Render 01.jpg
20210604_GOA_Ensamble Studio_Temple Staircase Render 02.jpg

The Temple Staircase climbs the Mountain, creating a cascade of spaces and a multiplicity of grounds for retail and hospitality activities that enjoy privileged views.

The viewer is faced by the ascending sequence of spaces. that span the valley and anchor to the sloped terrain of the mountain. As visitors climbs the “stairs,” they encounter diverse activities enhanced by the privileged views of the gulf.

The journey is made enjoyable by the energy of marketplaces, cafes, fine dining, galleries and other events along the way. Their trip progresses to the heart of the mountain, and from there, to the top, where they can rest in an intimate boutique hotel to a view of a starry sky, and possibly the Milky way.

Romantic Bay

20210604_GOA_Ensamble Studio_Romantic Bay Render 02.jpg
20210527 Temple staircase - excavated silent rooms - meditative.jpg

Romantic Bay unfolds between Cliffs and Coves that embrace a series of intimate enclaves. Here village-like vibrant settings give way to open and calm golf courses. Architecture opens out along the coast, building the space between the gulf and the mountain, and endowing it a condensed mix of programs that enable a lively social environment. Pedestrian friendly streets, squares and courtyards, bring people and activities together fostering creative encounters. Leisure, retail, hospitality and recreation is here offered within a small radius.

Iconic Gas Station

20210604_GOA_Ensamble Studio_Iconic Gas Station Render 02.jpg

The traveler’s journey concludes where the landscape flattens onto a Plain. The Iconic Gas Station appears as a Light House that marks the North and offers overwhelming spectacles of sound, light and sight, to stimulate all senses. At the end of the journey, leading the way, we arrive to the North Star of the constellations, the end of the line, or the beginning. A reference point helps the viewers situate themselves in their journey towards the North.

A place to take perspective, to connect with close and distant sites, and to take part in the energizing events that unfold in and around it.

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