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Flower Tower. Zhengdong New District Sub CBD, China. 2012

The Flower Tower will be one of the new office towers, 120 m. high, located in Zhendong New Business District. This district’s masterplan developed by Arata Isozaki, proposes a self- sufficient urban environment isolated from the surrounding urban context as an ´enclosed city´.


The Flower Tower takes the flower as an structural and functional reference, trying to achieve an equally balanced design. The system is formed by two main elements, a petal (prestressed concrete beam) and a stem (vertical core). The structural scheme is simple but rich: a series of floor plates (calyxes), formed by 60 identical beams (petals), stack vertically connecting through their central core, where loads are transmitted to the ground. Perimeter cables tie the outer rings of the calyxes stabilizing the cantilevered structure. The organization of the floor plan is based on 6 concentric rings that include everything the contained space needs: energy, circulations, services, structure, space and landscape. Thanks to the radial open plan there is an optimum flexible space, able to adapt to multiple functional demands. The system allows great flexibility to enable different scales enriching the interior space and increasing its functionality. The tower structure is designed to achieve space and technology innovation, quality and economy in construction.

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