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Martemar House. Málaga, 2005

The Martemar House appears on the site like a singular architectonic object, like a stranger outside the typical architectural style of the area, understanding every scale of the context. Taking advantage of the opportunities but ignoring pre-established trends.The house stretches on two allotments some meters above sea level, from where distant landscapes can be viewed, profiting therefore from exceptional panoramic views of the sea and the mountains. The structural system of the house consists of two main portal frames: one in concrete formed by a beam 2.75 m. high which makes up the garden facade, and the other a steel frame overlooking the entrance. The two frames support five steel trusses, each of them with a different aesthetic and structural vocation. These five linear structural elements organize and delimit three functional strips, which establish relational sequences between them in a play of solids and voids, physical relations and visual connections, intercommunications between interior and exterior spaces. The structure remains visible, exposed and provides the architecture with its image and its form.

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