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Missing Pieces

An art Sculpture at Cape Cod, Massachusetts 

     This Humpty Dumpty

     Once stood at the top

     And when he fell down 

     He learned quite a lot


     There were parts and pieces

      All scattered no doubt

      But that’s when he learned 

     What life’s all about


      He first found his heart

      And held it near

      He listened for once

      To see what he’d hear


     He put the pieces together

     Best that he could

     Felt different for sure

     But that could be good


     Some cracks disappeared

     Over time and space

     The others became 

     A part of his face


     The missing pieces 

     They were the key

     They allowed grace to enter

     And a soul to be


     This Humpty Dumpty

     Once stood on the top

     When he fell down

     He grew quite a lot

"Missing Pieces" is an artistic sculpture at Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA. The idea first emerged from the concept of "Kintsugi" - a Japanese practice of embellishing the cracks and imperfections of a broken vessel, to add beauty and value to it. Missing Pieces is a series of stone-like pieces of concrete that once belonged to the same unit. After fracture, some pieces go missing and others are reunited to fit like a puzzle, so that a certain whole can be read.

The project is about 24' x 11' x 2' (7.3m x 3.3m x 0.5m), and was completely prefabricated in Madrid, Spain to be later shipped and assembled on its destination site in Cape Cod, MA, USA.

First Ideas

New prototypes

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