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MZRRD 10. Madrid, 2010

MZRRD10, what used to be a company store close to the Manzanares river in Madrid, is where Ensamble Studio has actually settled its head office. It shares the space with the Positive City Foundation forming an indissoluble team and together they trace a place for action where working and researching are the same thing, where thinking involves doing and where the tools used are at the service of the project strategies, but never vice versa.


The office is organized in two levels. The ground level accommodates an ordered space of work, where ideas are exchanged and projects defined. And underneath it, on the basement level, the models workshop, in which the work becomes manual, ideas are tested and experimentation is given free rein. Both spaces complement each other and configure the necessary framework to build at multiple scales a poetic and precise Architecture. 

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