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Studio Valdés. Madrid, 2004

Sometimes architecture is all about covering up. A space can be well-proportioned yet full of elements which alter the ambience and fill it with noise. This can be transformed by using a simple trick: dressing up the space. The key is an elegant covering which can define a space’s proportions, create a special light and draw attention to specific details. It will promote the attractive features and hide the undesirable ones behind a light pleated plastic veil. This straightforward operation converts an ugly and plain industrial warehouse into a suggestive architectural area where sculptures can be exhibited. It is a well lit, clean and neutral space that makes difficult sculpting work easier. The translucid polycarbonate covering LEXAN allows us to unite all the areas of the warehouse. The external spaces become work and exhibition spaces while the warehouse as a whole improves its architectural quality. In other words, mutton dressed as lamb.

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