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The Cloud at Les Jardins de Médongaule

South Korea, 2022


Les Jardins de Médongaule is a garden of gardens; 170,000 square meters of green spaces in connection with history, culture, philosophy and art. The Cloud serves as the entrance point and a visitors’ center that will welcome and support the users of the gardens during their stay. It symbolizes the entrance to paradise.


The Cloud sits on the site respectfully, building a new ground that blends with the landscape to create spaces for water, vegetation and people; and levitates like a cloud allowing light and air to penetrate and create an immersive atmosphere. The sequence of spaces that guide visitors from the reception, through the gallery, the restaurant and into the gardens, is interwoven with a series of water bodies that qualify the space and enhance the atmospheres of The Cloud. A 5 meter deep cenote cascades water from the stream and into a well underground. A shallow pond creates a refreshing plane for recreation. A 3,000 cubic meter reservoir collects rain water from the whole site, channels and filters it for reuse, functioning as a primary piece of infrastructure. Here earth, water, air and sunlight become materials of construction that contribute with their energy to activate The Cloud.


The Cloud can be penetrated and can be climbed; it is a perfect viewing point of Les Jardins. Its topography is shaped to conduct people and water alike, becoming smooth or abrupt to differentiate areas of interaction from those uninhabitable. This hybrid building, part architecture and part landscape provides a unique architectural experience as a prelude to the magnificent environment of Les Jardins.


Site Plan and Location

The Cloud - Plans 

Section N-S facing East

South East Elevation

North West Elevation

The Cloud - Exterior and Interior views

Research Models and development

Research Models and development

Research Models and development

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