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The Cloud. Madrid, 2010

The Cloud is a dense space built with a very light material, it is 98% air.


Based on 7 modules of identical massive volume: 2.4 x 6 x 2.4 m., each of them is shaped differently to generate a unique space, thus getting: the stage, the patio, the step, the circus, the cinema, the assembly and the scale. 7 spaces as the 7 notes that compose the musical scale, which combined together produce very different sets of sounds, multiple scenes that accommodate simultaneously reading, playing, rest or conversation activities.


The material that shapes each module, expanded polystyrene, is assembled in a massive way ensuring optimal mechanical performance, and is protected with a layer of resin that completes the construction system providing what the foam does not have: stability, durability and color. The lightness of this technology makes movable what would otherwise be immovable, facilitating the handling of the pieces and their necessary mobility.


The Cloud is a space within a space. Designed to be placed in the Reader's House, in Madrid’s Old Municipal Slaughterhouse, it is architecture at the scale of children between 1 and 12 years old, where the youngest ones discover a universe custom-made, to develop and learn, to hide, to escape, to create and recreate, finally in a space that plays by their rules.


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