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Towers of Landscape. Orléans Architecture Biennial, France, 2017

From our experience designing and building Structures of Landscape we have learned about the magnetic relation between people and the spaces of nature, the spaces that incarnate nature, that enact nature or that simply refer to it in relevant ways. Whether it is their roughness, their wilderness, their low resolution, their continuous transformation, their connection with the essential and disconnection with urban environments,

their lack of determination that liberates the spirit and excites the imagination… or all of the above, we are inherently attracted to such spaces, structures, images.

Structures of Landscape as we first envisioned them, emerge from and resonate with the landscape where they are sited, they become embedded in their larger systems and constellations of elements, that provide context and meaning. This research keeps us wondering whether it is possible to partially dislocate such experience and operate in the city with some of the lessons learnt, as a countermovement where “nature” can be newly built to invade some of the spaces reserved for efficient industrialized structures, where the natural and the artificial blur and architecture is allowed to refer to the space of the mountains, the canyons, the cliffs and the caves; as the starting point of a new research: Towers of Landscape.

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