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UNEVEN GROWTH: Tactical Urbanisms for Expanding Megacities,MoMa,NY, 2014

Flying Carpets imagine how growth could happen in excessively dense and use intensive environments, avoiding tabula rasa strategies and working with the conditions given by the place. As a reaction to the lack of public services and the dispirited character of “rehabilitation strategies” that indifferently erode many neighborhoods in Mumbai, though this research, the air appears as a new territory to conquer in creative ways, to reclaim even growth. These three-dimensional urban infrastructures: touch the ground punctually connecting to other networks and servicing old and new residents, build “flying carpet” levels –plots in the air- for the city to expand and liberate the pressure on the ground, and facilitate productive balances between public and private realms. Learning from the ground they emerge, they enable growth at the scale of the neighborhood, providing new paths for incremental evolution and helping the integration of different typologies, architectures, scales and -foremost people.

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