WoHo. 2010

The Universal Housing System is a research project that challenges our time defining a system for universal valid housing, low cost but with architectural high quality standards. It reacts against the tendency to make mini-apartments in order to reduce the price of houses. This initiative tries to bring together the social interest and the logic of the market, fabricating a good product at a low price by developing profitable and innovative construction methods.


This proposal takes the social, formal and spatial qualities of Le Corbusier’s paradigmatic Unite d’Habitation, and adds the efficiency, rapidity and low cost construction values of prefabricated concrete systems. Prefabrication was actually present in the initial conception of Le Corbusier’s masterpiece, but the technology at the time did not allow its real application. Today it is possible.


The industrialization of the system adds important advantages to the final product, improving quality, time periods and contributing to a more sustainable way of building. Each house is assembled in 24 hours, including ceiling, flooring and finished walls; installations are set up the following day. The design presents optimum conditions of ventilation and light, and a total flexibility to configure the interior distributions and change them throughout the time. The stacking of the different housing units allows multiple volumetric configurations so the system can adapt to many different site geometries.


It is a global solution for housing, and a meeting point for suppliers and users in a proactive network.