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Yuzi Paradise. Guilin, China. 2014

Yuzi Paradize or “The Paradise of the Fool” dreams a vacation resort in the midst of 22 mountains of Guilin, in China -540 hectares-. The landscape is a paradise in itself and so the main goal of the masterplan strategy -developed between Steven Holl Architects, Ryue Nishizawa, Transolar, Guy Nordenson and Ensamble Studio- is enhancing the natural qualities of the place.

The proposed masterplan concentrates the denser areas in the perimeter, connected to local communities and organized in five villages. Most of the site is then liberated to offer intense experiences of the landscape. Subterranean water is used to create a large water body that serves for transportation purposes inside the site but mainly protects the core from being built. Cavities inside mountains -which are a common feature- are used to house different venues –thermal baths, meditation spaces, performance rooms, club house, etc.- and the landscape is subtly punctuated with small architectural interventions that help to complete the experience.

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