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Zig Zag House,San Martin de Valdeiglesias, Madrid,ES. 2016

Zigzag house slides down the slope between the trees. Attaches its structures on earth and heads towards the water in a cascade of spaces: all linked but all enjoying their own unique position on the site.

Minimizing its footprint, the house tiptoes on the ground, and its beams emerge as appropriate stones supporting a restless balance of precarious horizontality, where the life of the house develops in constant movement between shifting forms. Each level offers a stay, but there are no rooms. Each level offers a different horizon, but there are no windows. Each level offers a different way to experience the landscape, with the forest as background. The strokes of the house’s structures and the trees’ structures together trace the zigzag space, without needing to touch. They dance together with respectful distance. And the inertia of the sloping terrain pushes everything towards the bottom: structures resist the thrust tightly anchoring to the ground, space flows until it dives in the water of San Juan Lake.

The aim to live in the air and gently touch the earth, floating over it until reaching the water, made us design the construction of Zigzag House with lightweight materials, that settle on the site with delicacy, from bottom to top, against the tide.

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